Friday, May 21, 2010

A few fun things and update on dad will be having surgery on Wednesday to remove the halo that is on his ankle. It has been on there a long time now and he is ready for it to be off! He is still in Friendship Haven and will be there until he is able to go up stairs...which they will start working on after the halo is off of his foot. He has been having a fever off and on these past few days. He feels like he has a cold and his muscles are a bit on the sore side.

Our family finished the Stay Out Of The Sun 5k walk tonight. It was a lot of fun, the kids did really well and Sid and I ran some of it. I haven't gone running since I was told I needed to take it easy with my knee and let it heal up and then I got bronchitis really bad and the Dr. thought it could have even been pneumonia so that slowed me down a bit too. We did it though and we had a good time.

On a funny note...a quarter fell in our toilet and we weren't planning on taking it out so we just left it in there. Now, each time the toilet flushes it makes a little jingle sound. It is stupid but makes me smile every time that I hear the "jingle jingle jingle".

Micah's last day of preschool was today. He loved school and had a music program today. The music teacher said that he was the lead singer for the boys in his class. This may just be because he is the loudest but he was pretty proud of the job that he did.

Sid has 14 days of school, can't believe my summer is almost here and all three kids will be home every day. Sid is pretty quiet still but treasures specific her caterpillars that I found in the container sitting in the middle of her bed today. Freaked me out but she loves them! She loves books too and we went to a few garage sales this morning and she got a few books for free. This made her day and she let me know she was already on chapter 6 when she got home today.

Quinn is starting to move from a little toddler into a big boy. He is forming his own opinions, is saying more phrases like, "Leave me alone" (that's not his nicest one but that is what I am hearing the most of right now) and is letting me know what he wants to do and what he doesn't. He has formed some great friendships as well and is just a spunky kid. He is going through a separation type of thing with me right now when we go to church. He is with me all day long and all night long so he is attached to his mom but this is new for him. We will get through this though together :)

Chris is working hard on his coffee business...he is off to get the big coffee roaster tomorrow with his business partner. The kids and I are going to go around Rochester looking for some garage sale deals. I found some great deals on clothes today for Sid and Micah. We were really lacking in the summer clothes situation with them so I was so happy to find some shorts and shirts that would fit them. Ever since working in retail I have a hard time paying full price for anything in a store that sells clothes. The kids love their "new" clothes and now we just need to get some clothes for Quinn since he has about 3 pairs of shorts for the summer right now and about 3 t-shirts.

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