Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Update on dad...Tuesday, March 30th, 2pm

I talked with dad earlier today and he is doing pretty well today.

His fever is gone...this is the first day since he was admitted to the hospital last week that his fever has been away. He is now down to one medicine rather than 3. He is still on the oxygen and he is having blood tests done today. He doesn't have quite as busy of a schedule today as he did yesterday and he has a pretty calm afternoon he thought. He will get to rest some today.

Dad is having a test done on his bones tomorrow. He can't have it today because of what was needed in his body yesterday for his cat scans. He just has to wait 48 hours from when that was put into his body in order to have the next test done.

On another positive note...he said that the doctors were talking about sending him back to the hospital in Fort Dodge.

I will be talking with him again later tonight. I probably won't be back to give another update until later this evening after I speak with dad to see how things are going.

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