Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Update on Dad...Wednesday, March 31st, Midnight

Dad is doing really well. I talked with him a few times today and he seemed very positive.

He has a bone scan Wednesday which will be looking at a lot of different things. Depending on how things go with that, he may be sent back to the hospital in Fort Dodge, which would be great!

He is off oxygen, his fever broke, he is down to one medication for his infection and had a great afternoon of rest today.

Dad was supposed to start chemo tomorrow which would be followed by a steroid treatment. This won't be started now until it is decided that he is doing better and that the infection is truly gone.

I will be staying until Friday to help out as long as things continue to be improving. We will be celebrating Justin's birthday on Thursday and I will be continuing to help out with the kids and around the house and play phone tag with dad, mom and give updates. I did get a chance to take my kids to the park today...a park that I used to play at when I was little that was just a few houses away from where I grew up. They had a blast!

Thanks for all the support and prayers!

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