Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Update on dad, Tuesday, March 30th, 8am

Mom got home pretty late last night from visiting dad. She is off teaching at school today. She isn't sure when the doctors will have answers with what is going on but she needed to get some things done with school and prepare things in case she is called to be in Iowa City again since that could happen at any point.

I talked with dad last night as well. He was pretty upbeat on the phone when I spoke with him but was tired. It was tough getting in touch with him yesterday to get updates on what was going on. He was being moved a lot in and out of his room for tests and there were moments where he needed to rest from that.

They did a lot of different tests on him yesterday throughout the day. He was moved out of his room several times...4 to 6 mom thought...and each time they had to move him onto a different bed and dad said that was pretty painful.

He is still running a fever and has been since he was admitted to the hospital. He is still on oxygen...don't know the levels though. Dad has to drink about a quart of some sort of liquid that was used to help with the CT scans that he had. He thought that he had about 5 or 6 different scans of different areas of his body, has some vascular tests done...all that determined that they haven't found a blood clot at this point. They looked in his lungs and different areas of his body too and so far they don't see a clot. He is on a blood thinner too at the moment.

Dad did mention that he felt as if he was having an anxiety attack yesterday where it was hard to breathe.

A physical therapist also showed up yesterday and wanted him to try to sit up in his bed. He was not very happy about that :) I let him know that progress is good that and they are just trying to get him better. His response to that was..."I have a fever, I don't feel good, there are needles all over one of my arms so I can't really use it, I've been pulled onto and off of different beds today that I am sore and I can't use my feet right now. I don't want to try to sit up too." :)

Today is a day of more tests, in and out of his bed to be transfered to those and hopefully some ideas of what is going on.

If you do have any comments that you want to send him, feel free to just leave them here on the blog. We will print them off and bring them to him when someone in the family goes to visit him.


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