Monday, March 29, 2010

update on dad...Monday, March 29th @ 4:45pm

Not much news right now...

Mom did make it to Iowa City and was able to see him to say hi before dad was sent to "quiet time". He was then taken for some vascular tests and mom went to see him but he wasn't in his room.

She doesn't have much info yet other than she was told that his illness that he has which he has already been diagnosed with does act a lot like Leukemia. I am sure she is very much concerned right now after hearing those words but this is information that she has been told already.

Dad did call me too to see where mom was. He was trying to reach her since she wasn't around and he wanted to see her. I have tried reaching her and my sister too but their phones aren't on at the moment or they can't talk.

Dad sounds weak and can really only use one since the other arm has lots of needles in it. He is on oxygen still as well.

Mom said she would give me a call later and I will try calling dad later too and see how things are going and what the plan is for tonight and tomorrow.

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