Monday, March 29, 2010

Update on dad...Monday, March 29th 10am

Dad made it to Iowa City in record time yesterday. :) He got there sometime around 5:30pm. I asked if they used the sirens but he didn't think so, they just went really fast.

The questions and blood tests started almost immediately after he arrived.

This morning mom, Julie and Julie's boyfriend are on their way to visit dad for the day. If they need to stay longer they will but they really don't know much at this point but are prepared to stay if they need to.

I did talk with dad this morning and he said that he has a few different doctors and has had many people come to talk to him and he feels like he has been asked the same questions about a million times. He said that he was glad that he was there and feels like they will figure this all out and get some answers.

I am playing "mom" today...well, I guess I already have that role but I my kids have multiplied today. We will be running kids to school and home and running a few different errands that we need to do.

We will post another update later on today after I hear from mom and Julie. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!

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