Monday, March 1, 2010


There are moments in my day when I would love to scream out and let Calgon really take me away. I don't even know what Calgon is but can remember commercials from when I was little...frazzled moms saying "Calgon, take me away!".

Today, Calgon can just be here while I go somewhere else :)

It has been a long and crazy weekend and today is just a roller coaster adding to more of that ride.

Friday I found out that my dad got injured during the day. He fell in a parking lot back at home and broke his ankle in a few places, chipped some bones and also dislocated the ankle. My mom was working and she got the call during school and met up with him later at the hospital. He will be fine but does have a surgery ahead of him after the swelling goes down and he meets with a few doctors. He is a big guy though and already has some health issues so this recovery will take awhile and will be work for him. His other foot is not very stable and has a bone disease that has changed the shape of his other foot which makes him unsteady standing on that leg. He is having a very hard time and hasn't been able to move on his own yet so this recovery will be a challenge for everyone in the house. I will be heading down on Friday to help out with my mom's roundup and getting things prepared for that as well as get a few other things done for them while I am there to help relieve some of the stress a bit.

Today at day care one of the kids had an accident. I have seen a lot of blood before since I have a brother that was extremely accident prone...the blood doesn't bother me so much. The wounds that produce the blood...not such a big fan of those. One of the little guys that we play with during the day decided it would be fun to run away from me and at the same time he was running bumped into the wall and cut his head. He was a trooper though and very tough and the other kids learned the reason why I keep telling them not to run in the house. I got to use some of the first aid tactics that I learned in my required First Aid course and went through a lot of supplies that I had but took care of the situation calmly and as best as I could while also watching 5 other kids.

IBM is also doing another wonderful round of...oh, what's the word Chris used...resource actions other words...layoffs. It is always sad to hear of someone that has been let go that I have heard so much about and met a few times that Chris works with. The feeling of security...that things will be ok and that Chris' job is something that is solid...just never seems to really be a reality much anymore.

I am looking at my schedule too and just! I have no time!!! This week and next week are very busy for our family but some of these events that we will be attending are fun and exciting for our kids. Sid has a program at school this week which she is very excited about. She is a firefly and wanted to wear yellow so we just bought some very bright yellow shirts and skorts that other day at Target. They are bright! Sid will also be part of the city-wide spelling bee on March 13th. She is nervous but she will do great at this...she is a great speller! Micah has an event at Quarry Hill the same day and I have some meetings regarding Teen MOPS and another regarding a huge fundraiser at Sid's school.

These next two weeks will go fast and I will be ready for a break on March 14th :) Maybe I will see Calgon by then!


The McCutcheons said...

I have never worn your "shoes" but I've been in similar ones...and it's never fun. I'll be praying for you! I am glad that little kid's head was OK. I HATE blood. Normally, I can handle things during the moment...and then I shake after! :)

Jessica said...

Thanks, Jenny! I think we have both swapped shoes with each other with some of the similar experiences that we have had in our lives.
The blood didn't really bother me so much but seeing past the blood and what was inside...if I kept looking I think it would have freaked me out :) I will have to remember the shake tactic...that may work for me.