Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Little Firefly

Tonight we got to see Sidney in a "production" at her school. She was a firefly and got to wear wings and a fun antenna. We also had to find something brightly colored to wear. Sid wanted to wear something yellow so she picked out a very bright yellow shirt and a yellow skort with some black leggings.

Micah and Quinn were sitting with us in the audience and Micah would raise up his hand and sneak a wave at Sid while she was on stage. Sid would wave back with a little wave and a huge smile! Quinn even got a few waves in and Sid waved back at him too...but she did it in such a quiet way. It was very cute! After the kids sang a song everyone started to clap and Quinn would start clapping too and then look up at me to make sure it was ok.

Sid did an awesome job...I could tell she was a bit nervous but she said her line perfectly and I could understand every word she said. I am very impressed with how the classes did for 1st and 2nd graders!

One of Sid's classmates came up to her afterwards and said, "I knew we could through this, Sid!" It was so funny :)

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