Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What the kids are up to...

Micah...we are getting him prepped for his well check that he will have next week. Gotta get those shots for Kindergarten! He turned 5 a few weeks ago and we are working really hard on being a big boy now and using our words and not crying about everything so much. We are getting there. He is still quite the talker and with that talk are some really great prayers. Today he went up to Sidney and said, "Sidney, I am going to pray that you feel better." Very cute! He usually thanks God for all the colors that we see each day too when he prays before bed and when we eat. Micah has a very sensitive spirit...a talkative one but very caring towards others.

Quinn...he is really into his letters! He will see a shirt, sign, book...anything that has a letter on it and let you know what that letter is. He usually says them all right but will once in awhile say the x is a y and a few days ago he said the i was the word quick. Have no idea where he came up with that one! Quinn is a busy, busy boy and likes to play games all the time. He is also now helping unload the dishwasher or trying. He does pretty well with the silverwear and cups now and can put the kids' plates away. He now has a toddler bed but is a very cuddly child and loves to scratch his mommy and daddy while he is trying to fall asleep. He is still our baby :)

Sidney...she is getting over having the flu right now. She is quite the student though and is very determined to be a very good artist. She also is starting a new hobby with her daddy and collecting coins. She can spend hours looking through coins and has a really good idea what she has and what she doesn't have without even looking at her books. She has also earned quite a few badges with American Heritage Girls. She has earned one service star, a cooking badge, home care and repair badge, computer fun, emergency preparadness and also a pen pal badge that she is working on this year. We have been working on a few others that she will hopefully finish before the end of this school year. She loves her friends and also loves to be the table washer at school :)

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The McCutcheons said...


You are so good at remembering the things that your kids say or do. I have to be better at writing my kids stuff down and blog about it. I just take pictures and forget most of the cute/funny stuff.