Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Instead of blogging I have been...

One of my friends recently put this on her blog and I thought it fit for me too. These are my answers though and what I have been doing instead of blogging.
  • making snacks and meals for 6 to 9 kids a day at least three times a day
  • cleaning up after those snacks and meals
  • talking about hearts
  • listening to my favorite music and trying to get the kids to also enjoy it. They now say..."no more Becka Shae."
  • unloading and loading the dishwasher three times a day...most days
  • working out...I can now run 25 minutes straight which is about 2 miles for me. It is a slower run but I had lots of issues with my hips and I have to take things slow so I don't end up crawling up the stairs again. I go to WOW at least 3 times a week or more if I can. I love to do the elliptical and usually can go about 3 miles in 25 minutes.
  • making smoothies...I love smoothies!
  • cleaning up the last three weeks everyone in my family has been sick at least once except me. I have had to close day care for 5 days because of this yucky stuff that is going around.
  • shoveling...shoveling...shoveling...
  • practicing spelling lists with Sidney...she is entering a city-wide spelling contest that will be in March. She is a bit nervous but is awesome at spelling just like her daddy and she will do a great job!
  • Making lunch for Micah when he goes to preschool on Fridays. This day of school is really helping him get ready for Kindergarten next year. He loves school and asks about 30 times if it is time to go yet.
  • Taking the kids to AWANA on Wednesdays and the neighbor girl who now also just loves AWANA!
  • Taking Sid to American Heritage Girls...very similar to Girl Scouts...she loves this!
  • Planning our vacation to Puerto Rico that Chris and I will be taking in June!
  • Folding laundry, washing laundry and then folding some more.
  • watching day care kids...we have 7 to 10 kids at our house a day...which includes my kids.
  • picking out new items for our bathroom renovation. It is going to be gutted this weekend...very excited to see how it all turns out. Just picked out the paint color today.
  • Talking to my family.
  • Planning different advertising for Teen MOPS and staying connected with some of the teens in between the meetings.
  • Trying to figure out what my second tattoo is going to won't be big...something little and nice :)
  • Enjoying church and the people that are part of this family
  • I joined choir this past year and have practiced a lot for this when it is our week to sing at church.
  • praying for my kids
  • Facebook!
  • playing lots of games...Quinn loves games
  • watching the snow fall
  • talking with my family and learning that they have another snow day
  • enjoying some great friends that I have made this year
  • trying to make healthier meals for my family
  • and lately...watching the Olympics

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