Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend with lots of new faces

This past weekend we went to visit my family for a quick visit. My parents needed a new computer because theirs was not working well anymore. Chris put a new one together for them, now he thinks we need a new one :) , and so we dropped it off for them and got that all set up for the Schild household.

The rumor was that there would be a few extra people showing up while we were there too. Julie's boyfriend was there to visit her so it was nice to meet him. He had quite the overload of family members this weekend...but, when you meet the Schild family I think that is just the definition of overload. There are quite a few of us!

We also got a visit from Jacob and his girlfriend. They are expecting a baby at the end of December. I haven't seen Jacob in almost a year so it was good to see him again and meet his girlfriend. One of their friends tagged along too so that was entertaining. His name was Roy and he can really work a rubix cube!

Josh stopped by with Kendra. Kendra and Quinn are so close together in age...just a matter of days is always cute to see the two of them together because they act a lot alike and actually have some similar looks too.

We got to visit with my grandpa as well. Grandpa just got out of the hospital the Monday before. He had been in the hospital for about a week because of a blood infection that was pretty serious. He looked really good though and said he was feeling better!

I cooked for everyone on Saturday night before we left...that was quite the job but it gave my mom a chance to do what she does :)

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