Friday, October 2, 2009

Wishing for 5 years...

The last 5 years...well, actually a lot more...I wanted to be part of something that I could tell just needed to be in my life.

I haven't sung in public since my senior year in high school. I wanted to be part of this group in college but wasn't the right "type" for them. I was disappointed at first but was fine with that decision and knew that I would get another chance at some point in my life and I would just have to wait. I didn't know that my wait would be about 12 years :)

Our church has awesome worship and I like a lot of different aspects of our church but I am a music person and that is how I connect to a lot of things. I can feel my soul get inspired and joy develop when a song is playing that I have truly connected with.

I had an audition to try out for our choir this past Wednesday night. I was a little nervous at first and didn't know what to expect really or what my voice would do. At first the pastor said that they were looking for something specific and that I shouldn't be disappointed with the church if I don't get to be part of the group. They would also let me know the following day. Ok.
I warmed up...which I haven't done for awhile...I sang the songs they gave me and then I had to site read the music that they gave me as well during that time. That was probably the easiest out of all of it but it was all fun. When I was done with everything they said that they didn't need to call me the next day and that they would be glad to have me join them. I was excited and the joy inside of me was there for this group.

I was pretty excited too because I had been wishing for this for a very long time and am glad that I am finally able to be part of a group like this. God knew that this was what I needed in my life right I told the pastor, "This is going to be my me time." I can't make it to a Bible study this year so this will be my spiritual time as well for me too.


The McCutcheons said...

Jessica, I am so excited for you. It's great to see someone so excited about serving. Mark also enjoys serving through singing. The choir has always been a blessing to us as we worship together! Have fun!

Cori said...

Congrats friend!!!! :) You'll be great and I am glad you are fulfilling a long awaited desire!