Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nashville or Bust!

Right now I am in Nashville enjoying a wonderful MOPS Conference. This is my 5th year attending these conferences and I am truly getting some time to reflect on life, myself and relationships and love my family from afar :)

I have seen some great artists including Matt Redman, Matthew West, Natalie Grant, Plumb and a few others and also some great speakers that have inspired me in a few different ways.

I think overall what I have learned is to listen and be quiet. I think it is ok to have opinions and say what I need to say when it is important but overall, I need to just listen to others. I am trying very hard not to gossip and talk about others and any personal information that I know about someone with others. I am also going to try very hard not to get as frustrated with my kids and to try to connect with them through their love languages and smarts better. I think our relationships will grow as a result and maybe we will just get along better too! Wouldn't that be a plus?

Being quiet has also helped bring back a peace to me that I had a long time ago in my life. I am enjoying the peace that I have today...maybe when I get back with the kids that peace will be gone but I hope that it will stay. If it does escape me, I will have to find a way to continue this peace inside so I can continue to enjoy it.

Overall, I want to be less grumpy, complain less about things, continue to be less materialistic and instill that in my kids and to strengthen the relationships that I have with my kids and Chris and enjoy life together as a family.

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B said...

I really loved the whole experience and got so much out of it!