Monday, October 26, 2009

Birthdays, auctions and songs

Those three words basically sum up our last 2 weeks.

Sid's birthday was on October 14th. Can't believe she is 8 years old now!!! Wow! My little baby girl that gave me such a terrible time on October 14th in 2001 is now a very big girl. I have not weighed her in awhile but she is very tall and thin...not much flubber on her body (just like her mom :) ha, ha... Sid is great at school and she has actually said that it is too easy for her this year and that she wants it to be harder so we are working on this with her teacher. Not sure if she will say this next year or in future years but she said it at the start of the 2nd week of school for 2nd grade. Sid is excellent in spelling and memorizing. We don't have a very good system of memorizing things like our Awana verses. She usually takes the book with her on the bus in the morning of Awana, looks it over on the way to school and the way home and by the time we are ready for Awana she has 2 to 3 pages of verses memorized. I am enjoying this now because we will have to change this strategy when it is time for the boys to start memorizing things for school and church. Sid is also wearing a size 8 jeans...we like the bootcut style...they are so cute...and she usually has a size medium for shirts. Shoes, I think she is a size 2 1/2 to size 3 now too. She is growing up so fast! Sid still loves princesses and Cinderella is still one of her favorites. She also loves to draw right now and she says she is preparing to be an artist for when she grows up. She loves smelly markers and collects art supplies like paper, markers and stickers and I am constantly finding these in her room.
Sid also loves to learn and loves to read stories or do her devotion books. She is just a great little girl and most of the time is very well behaved. She does like to boss her brothers around but she is also a great big helper.
Sid will probably be a vegetarian when she grows up. She loves fruits and vegetables and if she had the option, she would not eat meat. She doesn't always have that option though :) She can be pretty picky about pasta too but does love basil pasta pesto that I make...she just prefers it without the chicken. Sid also is not a fan of juice. She will not drink juice no matter what...but we still love her :)

Quinn turned 2 on October 16th this year. Wow, is he 2! He is talking more and more every day and the amount of words he says is just too many to count. Right now he is telling me that he is sitting on top of his sister...and he really is. He is pretty fun and loves to play with his brother and sister. One thing that we have noticed with Quinn is that his pictures look so similar...when he was 1 or even 9 months old he had the same face, same expressions...just the size of him increased a little bit. Quinn still has a slight tinge of red in his hair...maybe that is why he is so fiesty! Quinn doesn't like vegetables...prefers cheese, hot dogs, meat and McDonald's. He likes some fruit but not all of them. He really dislikes milk unless it is chocolate. He will drink milk if he is really thirsty but he would rather have water or juice...which he also calls water. Quinn loves choo choos, just like his big brother and Grandpa Schild. Thomas is probably one of his favorite things in the world! Quinn is a very social 2 year old and loves to play, be around people and be part of the action. He also loves dirt. I haven't met another kid that gets as dirty as him in such a short amount of time. If there is dirt somewhere, he will find it and cover himself in it in a matter of seconds. Right now Quinn is wearing 24 month pants ...they are a bit big still but they work...and 24 month or 2t shirts. I think he is wearing a size 6 in shoes but not positive on that one...I haven't looked at his shoes in awhile.

This year we had a birthday party for Sid when it was actually Quinn's birthday so we had the cake say happy birthday to Quinn and Sidney eventhough it was a Cinderella cake. We had 7 little girls over for a faux slumber party for Sid and the kids had a blast! I was exhausted by the end of that night after a full day of day care and then the party about 30 minutes after everyone left.

The last few weeks I have been getting things ready for the auction at Sid's school which was this past Saturday. This is the one big fundraiser for her school and they have a live and silent auction. I won a few things this year and it was a lot of fun for me and the kids. Chris got to stay with the kids a little bit longer than I did and make sure we won a few other things and pay for items while I went to choir practice.

I just joined the church choir and I love it! I have wanted to do this for such a long time and this year I finally took the jump and tried out. We had a few practices and I usually sing the songs to the cd while the kids eat lunch everyday to help practice. That is about the only time when they are fairly quiet or preoccupied where I could do this during the day :) The kids don't seem to mind too much either. Well, our first choir weekend was this past weekend so I was at the church most of the afternoon and evening this past Saturday and then pretty early on Sunday until about noon. I can't wait for the next round of music that will be coming so I can start practicing for that weekend in November.

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Cori said...

You are a busy lady! Thanks for sharing about your kids! It's fun to get to know them a little, even though they don't know me! Have fun in the choir!!