Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Labor Day is today and in our house this weekend we did a few things together, a few things with others and a few things apart.

Friday night I took off with the kids and went to visit the fam in Fort Dodge. We had a fun time with lots of talking, playing and running around. Saturday we went to see the parachuters and to one of my favorite places, the apple orchard. Yes, I said I would jump last year when it got to this point but I do have a few valid excuses...1) I have an ear infection and I think jumping out of a plane from however high it is up there might just screw up my ears a bit more. 2) We just bought a car so I didn't really have the leverage to spend $200 to jump out of a plane as I would have a week before I had the idea to buy a different vehicle. Valid points? I think so. I do need to jump at some point before I get really scared or too scared to do it.
Saturday we also went to eat at a great eating place in Dodge called Taco Tico. It's nothing fancy but it is good! As we were in eating though, someone hit our newer vehicle so that pretty much put a damper on our day. The damage isn't horrible or big and no one got hurt but it will require it to be fixed otherwise it will rust since the scrape went down to the metal. I spent almost 3 hours waiting and waiting and waiting at the police station to get someone to take my report just in case our insurance needed it as proof. The police were very understaffed and there were some drug issues going on at the same time that I got to hear a little bit about so that was entertaining for a little bit of my wait.
Saturday night I drove home but brought along a few extras with me...Josie, Justin and Julie...some of my bros and sis'. We had fun with them while they were here with us and met up with my mom this afternoon so they could get home.
Labor Day is over which means school starts up tomorrow! Our backpacks are packed and we are excited for this new school year. Sid will be in 2nd grade with Mrs. Beeman...who is her teacher from 1st grade too. Micah will be going to preschool on Friday's and we are very excited for him to meet some new friends and have some new experiences. This is a busy week with lots going on and tons of meetings and practices but it is just the start to our new school year!

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Cori said...

Maybe I should come jump with you sometime! ;) Actually, my dream is to ride in a hot air balloon someday. It seems less risky. I was thinking of excuse #3 for you. That you are getting all of your physical therapy and don't want to set yourself back. :) Sorry about the car. At least it happened at Taco Tico. tee hee Yum!! Still need to take Ben there.