Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's been a month's been a month since I wrote on here! I feel like we haven't really been home a lot during that month or we have just been busy with things that I have forgotten to post all of our adventures.

We took a trip to Sisseton, SD as a family and with a group of about 30 other people at the end of July/early August. This was a great trip where we did VBS at the church for the kids and most of the men helped a lady with her home that was just a place that no one really should be living in. Our kids worked hard and made lots of friends and we really had some great memories from that trip.

Since then, I have continued with my physical therapy and doing really well! I think I am probably almost done with the appointments and just mainly doing the things at home that I need to do. It has been a long struggle but I have learned a lot about muscles in my body that I didn't even know existed. I am definately stronger than I was and I now have days where I only have some pain at night. That is a big improvement from when I started and was crawling up our stairs at night just so I could get to bed.

Our latest news is about Micah. He had a follow-up eye exam yesterday and I knew he needed some different glasses or lens' because he was starting to fall again and complain of headaches. That isn't very normal for him and he was showing some of the same symptoms as before he got glasses so I had a feeling. What I didn't know though was the next adventure that his little eyes would be taking us on...

Micah has a good eye and a bad eye. The good eye now needs a prescription as well so that is being adjusted and the bad one hasn't changed much in the strength of his prescription but his eye isn't wanting to communicate with his brain anymore. His diagnosis is suppression and anisometropia. Micah will be having an examination up in the cities in the middle of September to determine what the next steps will be but we have been told that he will start some vision therapy at least once a week most likely in February when he turns 5. The therapy will either be done in the cities or possibly in Owatonna so we will be putting some miles on our vehicles and spending some one on one time with Micah each week as we go to these appointments. We will find out more information though at his next appointment which is on September 14th.

We are waiting for school to seems like everyone else has already started and gotten into the swing of their schedules and I am still trying to figure out what those schedules are going to be. This year we have a few activities that we are trying to plan around and those are soccer for Sid in the fall, American Heritage Girls for Sid throughout the year, Awana for Micah and Sid throughout the school year, Teen MOPS activities for me, Mens Fraternity meetings and NOAH events for phone is getting full with all sorts of appointments and schedules!

That is our last month in a quick blog! I will try to write more with some updated photos of Sid's first day of 2nd grade and Micah's first day of preschool soon! We still have about a week and a half though :)

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