Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Update on my hip fun :)

I have now had 3 physical therapy appointments and just thought I would update the blog on how things are going and how I am feeling.

The 2nd appointment was a little tougher than the first. At the beginning we work on relieving some of the pain that I have and the 2nd appointment that was in my right hip and my back. The pain was pretty bad actually. After a few movements things were a little bit better...still hurt but not to the point where I was limping like I was before. Then the real fun began.

My back was the next point that was worked on and I thought I was going to kill the therapist. My back would not move no matter how I was turned, how much pressure was put on my back or massaging was done to try to loosen things up a bit. Nothing. So, I had to get into a different position and then had some weight pushed on my and then there was a little crack but not a whole lot.

My morning wasn't over though...then, my muscles were carefully and painfully separated from my back and my skin. My lower back is very tight and I guess this had to be done. I was told it would be excruciating and it was. Lots of pinching, pulling, tugging and twisting right along my spine.

My latest appointment went pretty well I thought. My pain level the day before was at about a 9 1/2 in my back (based on a 1 to 10 scale) and my right hip was not far behind that. I got to ride a bike for a bit to warm things up because I usually feel pretty good in the morning until I start moving around...which doesn't take long. I learned some new exercises to add to my list to help get my hip and other areas where they should be and to strengthen different areas. They are tough but I can tell that they are working because I am sore where those muscles are.

I can't run until I get the ok. I can walk though but have noticed that I do irritate my left hip when I walk on any incline. My right hip always hurts so I can't tell anything with that one when I walk :)

I have another appointment this week and then I have 1 appointment the following week due to some scheduling.

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