Thursday, September 17, 2009

School and eyes :)

Well, school finally started. I have photos that I will post but am not sure how to get them off of the camera that we have yet. Sid started 2nd grade and loves it and Micah started preschool on Fridays and loves it (and so does mom).

We did get Micah's appointment done with the vision therapist and we are moving forward with research to get more information for us so we know what we are truly doing and talking about. There were a few additional items that they found with his eyes that we weren't aware of before as well as some other items that they found out about him that we also didn't know about so it was very informative and yet I feel like we don't really have the information that we really need since there are a few other things that he apparantly has. They are recommending a therapy to get him ready to start vision therapy that would help improve some areas that he is lacking in such as his balance. The first part of therapy would be 15 weeks and would start probably as soon as the weather isn't bad...aka, no snow storms. His little brain isn't quite ready for the 2nd set of therapy that they recommend but once it is ready he would have that therapy for about a year and it would be once a week. This would probably happen sometime when he is in Kindergarten, which means he would probably miss school once in awhile. He does really have a hard time with his balance and also can't see things in 3d. It is very interesting learning all about this but also sad too. I was going to take the kids to the movie "Up" when it was out and was looking and looking for the 3d version. We didn't get there fast enough to see the movie while it was still in 3d so we missed it but I guess it wouldn't have mattered anyways. :)

Our next step is research and then we will make a decision. We also have an appointment with the doctor that did the surgery on his eye when he was an infant to get his opinion as to what he has and what our options are according to him. Not sure if we will follow through with this since all of this is out of our pocket but we will make that decision as we go.

We are still waiting on his correct lens' for his glasses to come but the eye office we have been going to has screwed things up a bit and first forgot to order the glasses and we had to call them. Then, they did order the lens' and they ordered them wrong so we are still waiting. The same lady screwed this up twice so we may be speaking to them about this because it has now been over a month and he can't see right and had to go to his vision therapy appointment without his correct glasses.

Someone asked me today how I was doing. While this person was standing in my front door for the first time, they saw kids running around getting excited because someone new was here and the babies were getting hungry so they weren't all that happy but were still content for a moment until their food was finished cooking. I gave an honest answer and said that I was a bit overwhelmed at the moment. Three out of our 5 nights a week we are gone and some of those there are 4 nights out of the 5 that we have something going on. My workload is pretty large this school year with day care and we are in that adjustment phase right now and slowly adding the other kids into the schedule and getting everything ready for the state visit that will be coming sooner than I am wanting it to be. I feel like I need to be becoming the expert on Micah but just don't have the time to actually do that. I have a pile of books I want to read but I don't even want to open up the cover and get sucked in right now because I just can't. I would love to do a Bible study this year with our church but I just don't know how I could squeeze that in too. Today I sold my stuff that I would have used for the Bible study so I know that I won't be doing that this year :) Our landscaping project that has been started is not finished and I have dug everything I can and finished as much as I can but it isn't finished without some help. I have the plants but they are still in their pots because the bricks aren't in yet. That side of the house looks horrible and I just hate looking at it but other things have come up and others have been helped rather than our home. I would love to paint our bedroom because it hasn't been painted and I think there is still primer on the walls. The paint swatches have been on the wall for about 6 months :)

I feel really selfish when I write this stuff because it is just things that I want or things that I want to do and I know that there are so many other things that are important and that is what matters. Our house and dirt will still be here next week and the next and the next...

I do have something that that I would love to do that I am trying to be part of that doesn't take up a whole lot of time. Not sure if it will happen but I have my application in the mail and will go from there. I wrote on my application that I needed something for me and this would be a really good fit. We will see what happens!

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