Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sometimes, you just have to...

Ask, "What?" or "Why"...and a few of these just smile and laugh

During our day with the day care kids we usually have a time to color or do a craft. Right now we are putting together a book of different pages that the kids have colored that they will eventually take home. The markers were out today and we only use washable markers in this house. Why? That is because rather than color on the paper, Quinn likes to take the markers and color his lips, his cheeks, his shirt, his arms, ears, highchair...anywhere that doesn't have marker on it, he would like it to be a different color. Today, he had blue and green lips, and many marks all over his face and almost one entire side of his face. Why?

Micah came up to me today and just said out of the blue..."I like to ride in elevators." Ok...good to know :)

Sid is working on eating with her mouth closed. Chris came up with an idea the other day to let Sid make up a chart and she can keep track of when she keeps her mouth shut at the meal and when she doesn't by giving her a sticker to put on it when she does a great job. It worked...I have no idea how but probably because she loves making charts. She has been doing a great job so far!

One our way back from vacation, Sid took it upon herself to go through her money she brought and make a chart and figure out how many coins she had and what year was the most popular that was in her purse. She probably spent about 2 hours going through each one that she had and then she let us guess which one won. She called the 1970's, 1980's, etc. the 19's and the ones from the year 2000 and greater the 20's. :) That's my girl!

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