Monday, June 29, 2009

Branson 2009

We returned home yesterday from Branson, MO. This is the 3rd trip that our family has taken to this great city and with each trip we have always had another person added to this trip.

First...Sidney. We really didn't know Branson very well on our first trip. We went to a few shows and a few places and for the majority of our trip watched a dirty jobs marathon that was on tv. One memory that I have of this trip was taking her to a little amusement park. This trip was in the late fall and Branson sortof shuts down once school starts up. The rides that Sid went on were pretty scary and really not that safe. I still can't believe we let her go on some of those little rides.

Second trip...I was pregnant with Quinn. We met up with Chris' brother and parents on this trip. We spent a lot of this trip at Silver Dollar City and just relaxing with the families. We saw Ripley's Believe it or Not, a Lumberjack show and went swimming a few times too.

This trip...we went to Silver Dollar City every day eventhough the tempertures were around 100 degrees. The kids rode tons of rides and I even got to ride some rides this year too! Sid and I were the first ones on the Lazy River ride and another day she and I rode the American Plunge. She really got into the rides this year and loved Fire in the Hole. Micah liked the kid area the best and the train ride. I think he asked every day if he could ride on the train.
Since it was so hot outside, we did lots of swimming! Our resort was really nice and had several pools to choose from so we could either go to the little pool by where we were staying or the larger pool that was a little more centrally located for all of the resort.
The kids had fun, even in the really hot weather. We did have one moment where Sid almost fainted while we were waiting to ride on the Lazy River. All of a sudden, Sid said she couldn't see me, she was getting dizzy and she was just lifeless. I carried her out of the ride with Micah by my side and after a little bit of sitting down and lots of water, she was fine again.

I am glad to be home. It was fun to take a break from the work world and help stimulate the economy down in Missouri :)

We are doing lots of laundry today so we have clean clothes again and can enjoy the beautiful weather that we have here in Minnesota! We will be spending some time outdoors today enjoying the breeze that we just didn't feel in Branson. I love being home and the comforts of being in our own space again with what we are familiar with. It was great to get away and as always, great to get home again.

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The McCutcheons said...

I hear you about the laundry. Mark just got back from Mexico on Sunday. His clothes walked right into the wash machine! :) Nasty!!! (I thought about putting them into the garbage.)