Saturday, May 30, 2009

Late nights and a few endings

This week was a big week for our family...more specifically, myself.

Monday was a nice day for just a vacation day. Can't really remember what we did other than just hung out at home.
Tuesday was my last official Teen MOPS meeting where I was the coordinator. I don't think it really hit me until after the meeting how much work it has been starting up Teen MOPS from basically the bottom and bringing it to where it is today. One person asked me if I can relax now. Honestly, this decision to step down was made aware to me very early this year and I knew that I needed to take a break for myself and for my family. At the beginning of 2009 I approached the head of our women's ministries director to let her know my decision and the search was on for the person to fill my position. It didn't take long to know who was supposed to be in that spot...and the wheels have been turning ever since to get to this place at Teen MOPS. Yes, I don't have as much stress as I did at the beginning of the year...and I am liking that :) Most of the work for Teen MOPS and the meetings is done around August to November and then again from about January to February, so the most part of the planning and leg work was already done other than the simple routine things to do for each meeting. I have seen the group transform from 2 teens that came on a regular basis to large groups and then our "core" group of teens that has really let us into their lives this year. The leaders have been great as well...can't forget all their hours of being volunteers for this group! I will still be with the group and don't the publicity for the group and am really excited about that part.
This week I also had to renew my license which requires 15 hours of continuing education. Each night this past week I was working on those...and they were tough this year. Usually I can breeze through the classes without a problem and take the tests easily. This was the first year though that I wasn't able to really do these during the day so I took them all at night after day care was all done. Most nights I was up until at least I guess that was the morning...and then Thursday night I was up until 3:14am finishing up my last test. Everything was due on Friday so I had to get them done.
Today, we relaxed...sortof. I spent the morning with the kids and we went to garage sales. The kids found some treasures today and had a fun time. They even thanked me for taking them to garage sales...kindof funny :)
In the afternoon, the kids and I went to 2 graduation parties for two of the teens with Teen MOPS. I don't think the kids truly understood why we were going to peoples houses to eat something and then leave and then do it all over again but I did get them to say congratulations and thank you to the girls. I was so proud of these teens and am very thankful to be a part of their lives and celebrate with them in their success!
We ended our night with a campfire in our backyard. We roasted some marshmallows and just relaxed and it was fun.

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