Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pretty awesome kids!

Tonight I saw how awesome my kids were!

We are working on selling tickets for the Teen MOPS Spaghetti Supper & Silent Auction...a huge fundraiser for our group. It is coming up pretty fast and there is a ton of work that is being done by lots of different people right now.

We have been selling tickets at the church for this event and I was at the church with Sid and Micah tonight. I thought they could help be a part of the whole event by passing out some cards to people that go walking by the table. I got the kids some Teen MOPS t-shirts and they got so excited to wear them. Micah was walking into the church saying, "I'm a Teen MOPS boy". "Look at me, I'm Teen MOPS!"

I made up some postcards with the information and showed the kids 2 different spots to stand and then we practiced. The sermon was still going on and I walked the kids through how we would pass out the cards, what people might say and what they should saw afterwards. They practiced and practiced and did such an awesome job. I probably had over 50 cards that I gave to them and they were bold and so strong and gave one to everyone they saw.

Adults were so nice and polite with them was a great night for my two little Teen MOPS advertisers.

Two side notes...our taxes our done! I hate taxes so much. Self-employed taxes are not that much fun and are lots and lots of paperwork and record keeping. Since 2000 I have been having to do taxes this way. They are done though now and I am so glad!

Quinn also has an ear infection and is a sad little man. He has been held most of today and now I must go and hold him again since he just woke up and is sad again. :( Poor little guy!

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