Monday, March 30, 2009

We are far away from the Fargo area but flooding was a concern for this area last fall and the fall before that.

This picture is of a semi on an interstate in the Fargo area. The semi is driving through water and ice...not just a little ice...HUGE pieces of ice. That is truly amazing and kindof makes your jaw drop a little bit, huh?

In 1978, Rochester flooded and it was a very hard time for those that lived here. My neighbor that I talked with the other night spoke about how her home flooded 4 days after her 1st husband died. She was not prepared for the work that damage from a flood does to a home and property. I am so glad and thankful for the leaders of this city that was proactive and put in measures to prevent Rochester from flooding again.

Our first home had a small stream in the backyard that was part of this flood control project. We lived in a not so wonderful area but it was a great 1st house for us!

We drove through our old neighborhood during the flooding that happened in our area 2 years ago and were amazed! The water that was in the little creek was halfway up our backyard and way out of the creek banks. Rochester also built walking and bike paths all around the city where these creeks were built. The one that we used to walk on was full of water, completely full of water! and had tree branches sticking up all over. It was truly a mess.

Praying for all those people and families that have lost so much this week and may still be in danger of the flooding until the end of April.

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The McCutcheons said...

That picture is amazing. WOW! I would have left my truck behind. He must have an important delivery! :) Yes, he's either very brave or very stupid.