Saturday, April 11, 2009

Monet who?

It is Easter weekend and every Easter weekend we head out to Illinois and visit the Williams!

The kids had a great Easter egg hunt and some great bonding time with Grandma and Grandpa today and are exhausted.

I was giving the kids showers and baths tonight and in the bathroom is a print of one of the pictures that Monet painted. Sidney was getting ready to get in the shower and I was adjusting the temperature of the water. Can't have it too hot or too cold, you know.

As we were standing there waiting, she looked at this pictures with the flowers and water...what Monet is known so well for painting. I often look at this picture and remember the time that I saw some of Monet's paintings in person in France. There is a museum there that is just for his work and it has some really large paintings that he did...just amazing. You can really see the progression though from when he started painting to when he finished and the change in his eye sight.

This particular print has some flowers that can be seen very clearly and others that are a little blurry.

Sid says, "Mom, that picture right like a 3rd or 4th grader did it. It isn't very good and there are parts in the picture that aren't colored in very well."


Cori said...

That is just awesome!!

The McCutcheons said...

I love it! That's great. :)