Monday, April 20, 2009

catching up...

I am going to try to catch up on here of all the great things that we have been doing!

We had Easter in Illinois last weekend...always a fun time! We only had one sick incident on this trip. I think Micah had a bit too much candy and was a little sick on Saturday night. He recovered well though and was all dressed and ready for church the next morning...looking so cute with his little vest and tie that matched Quinn's.

I really never have been about matching the kids' clothes, at least not the exact same thing. We might get lucky color wise once in awhile but we just don't have the same clothes. It is pretty tough to do this with a girl and two boys though too. This Easter I wasn't going to have the boys have the same thing to wear and thought that it really would be way to expensive and I would have to be pretty lucky to find the same thing for them too. Micah wears a size 5 and Quinn is such a runt that he still can wear some 12 month clothes. On one of our trips to the doctor, I believe it was one of Sid's pink eye experiences, we were at the store and saw the doc and were waiting for the medicine to be filled. Sid and I were walking around the store (Sid with her very pink eye and all...I am sure we got some stares) and I saw the cutest little outfit for Quinn. Black pants, black striped vest, light green shirt and striped tie. What little boy wouldn't look cute in that outfit? Not only did they have Quinn's size but it was on sale so I had to get it.

Not having any idea what we were getting for Micah to wear, I always had my eyes open for something. We were on a trip to Sears one weekend to buy a new stove. While Chris was working on the details of delivery and payment, I went walking around the kids department with the kids. I had nothing I was looking for but I turned around a corner and saw Quinn's Easter outfit...only, it was a little larger size! The outfit was a little bit different but was pretty much the same other than the colors of the stripes in the tie.

The boys were so cute on Easter and Sid was so pretty! She got a new dress as well...the only time that she gets a new dress each year so this was special for her as well.

Our life the past week has been very busy getting ready for the Teen MOPS Spaghetti Supper & Silent Auction. Friday night we had about 200 people attend this event at our church and had a great time! Things seemed a bit crazy that night compared to last year...I think it was because there were a ton of kids that wanted to spit out pickles and look for grapes in whipped cream during our Fear Factor events for them. It was a fun night and I am proud of all the work and pride that the volunteers put in. I have to say though that I am a little bit prouder of the teens that helped out that night and the 4 that shared a little bit about themselves to the crowd of strangers. This year of Teen MOPS has been a year of huge growth among the teens and I am very glad to have gotten to be a part of this group this year. Out of all these years, the teens have been more open than they ever have been and very helpful. Sometimes you wonder after a meeting if the words that you speak to the teens and the things that you work on until midnight are doing something...this year, I knew that all the thoughts, work and prayers of everyone were working when I heard one of the teens start to choke up a little bit when she was sharing what Teen MOPS meant to her.

This is my last year being the coordinator with this group. It has been 5 years since we started planning this ministry from the ground up and it is now time for me to step back and let others take the lead. I will continue to do the publicity for this group because that is what I love to do the most and I think I have some skills in it too. I get energized though when I work on the publicity aspect of this ministry so I know that I am still supposed to be in this aspect of Teen MOPS. I have had my moments of being sad about leaving but am actually very excited to see what else God has in store for this group. The new leader has ideas just pouring out of her and I know that there will still be vision for the group and great ideas.

Today, I am home with the boys. Micah got a touch of the flu yesterday afternoon and we are just trying to keep some water inside of him now. He seems to be acting better but am not sure if we can keep things down yet. So, I have a "day off" as Chris said this morning. Is it really a day off though? I have been cleaning up puke, washing all the sheets and remaking beds, bathrooms, countertops and have done about 6 loads of laundry so far today. Quinn also decided not to sleep today, with a little help from his brother that decided to scream through most of the afternoon. Now we are disinfecting the toys...always a fun time. I did get to watch a few episodes of my favorite shows though...oh, wait, those were Micah's fav's...Thomas the train, Wall-E, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Tom and Jerry.

On to fold all the laundry that I washed today...on my day off :)


The McCutcheons said...

Day off??? That will never happen when you are a mother. :(

Jessica said...

Hey Jenny,

I got your message you left me the other day. I did ask the people that were in the kitchen about the pans...they remembered yours since they loved it and said that they thought it came in a plastic the ones you buy at the store with a cake on it. There was still some cheesecake on it when they cleaned up and they left it there...not sure if someone took it home to eat the last piece or if it was put in a fridge somewhere. I didn't see it when I left. Left me know if I can help find it some more for you!