Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Lost Remote

We were searching for 2 days for our remote for our tv. I let Quinn play with it the other is his favorite toy! How can I say no to such a sad face when he wants to play with it? I did take the battery out so he wouldn't use all the juice in least I did that :)

Well, it was gone and we were not sure where it was. We got down on Quinn's level and looked at everything that we could that he would be able to reach. He loves playing with drawers and the garbage can so those had to be looked at as well as under the couches, through all the toys, under blankets, under the chairs, dining room table, in the shoes, bathroom and anywhere else that Quinn could reach.

We bribed the kids that if they found the remote we would have a movie night tonight with M&M's. Chris found it a few minutes later on one of our breakfast bar stools in between 2 boxes. Maybe we will still have a movie night and maybe Chris will go get us some M&M's :)

Here are a few funny sayings that the kids have said lately...

"Mom, I am going to science these." Sid just bought a bag of shells at Hobby Lobby (she loves buying things and getting receipts.

"Dad, cleaning up my pants is a dirty job, isn't it dad?" The day after Micah was really sick and had just pooped and puked all over our bathroom. Chris got to have one of the shifts to clean it up.

Quinn...lately he just nods his head yes or no when we ask him a question. So far he has agreed that he won't be wanting us to pay for his college and we don't need to buy him a car when he turns 16.

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The McCutcheons said...

You need to get a toy remote for him! :) Although, he might just lose that one too.