Friday, February 27, 2009

Week of the big red eye

We had pink eye in our house this week...the first time ever!

Sid came home from school on Monday around 4:30 PM and said, "Mom, my eye is kindof red." Oh, yeah, it was! At that point it was red about halfway across her eye.

I was getting the day care kids down to the day care room when Sid came home and she was really upset when I told her she had to stay away from everyone. She loves to play with the kids and is a great helper but instead she had to watch a movie that day.

After everyone left, her right eye was very red with some goobery stuff in the corner. We ate supper and then I was off to Fast Care to get her checked out and some medicine.

Day care was closed on Tuesday because of the pink eye so besides having a little bit of a crabby girl for the day, things were good. I did find out that morning that Sid's teacher sent me homework to do and for Sid to bring back that day to school. Well, she wasn't there. So, I packed the kids up and we made a visit to Sid's school to drop off the homework.

I had Teen MOPS that night and as always, Teen MOPS is full of excitement. Our talk that night was about depression and there were many good things that came out of that night as well as some "fun" situations that the person in charge got to handle as well...a.k.a. me. No meeting is ever the same and some nights I am just shocked by the situations that actually occur. I was actually speechless for a little bit because I truly didn't know what to do. The girls and some of the things they say make me speechless many times but this was just something that I dreamed might happen with Teen MOPS but never thought that it actually would.

During the day and night on Tuesday, Sid's eye seemed to be getting better off and on but the outside of the a big circle around her eye...was turning a nice shade of pinkish red. It was really odd. Not every having pink eye here before I wasn't sure what to think. Towards the end of the day and after talking with several people I decided it was time to call the pharmacist. We were told to stop using the medication and to have her see her doctor on Wednesday.

Day care closed again on Wednesday since Sid was off the meds and she looked like someone beat her up. Quinn also got a fever Tuesday night...not sure being closed actually worked out well.

At the doctor I found out that Sid has a high tolerance for pain. I always thought that she did because there were times when she would not cry when others did or when I would cry about something that hurt. When she has a baby she may be one of those women that can actually go through labor without any pain meds. I don't know why she would...they are there, use them! Sid probably could handle it though. It would still hurt a lot but she is strong! I am a pansy :) I still see my pain doc every now and then at Target and if I was more of an extrovert I would just go up to him and say "Thankyou for that epidural!"

So, back to the high tolerance of pain...Sid had a really bad ear infection. The doctor was shocked that she wasn't in pain or didn't even feel pain.

We now have new meds in the house and she looks so much better today!

Chris and I also went on a date last weekend which was a real treat for us! Chris' parents were here and they hung out with the kids and let us go see a movie and go out to eat. Thanks, Mark & Bonnie! The kids had an awesome time too!

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