Sunday, December 21, 2008

Popular game in our house

On our 4 hour tour of Austin, MN and back, I got to play a fun game with the kids in the car. Hangman.

I was sitting in the middle seats, with Quinn by my side so he would be happy. Sid and Micah were in the back seat and Chris was driving.

I brought a Doodle Pro board with us because Quinn really likes to play with these and since I couldn't find our little one, I grabbed one of the big ones. Quinn actually fell asleep, amazingly, so the other 2 kids wanted a chance to draw a picture. Micah drew one and colored the entire board. That is not so surprising. Sidney had a turn and drew some lines and wanted to play hangman. Her first word that we had to guess was Jesus. When she did that, it just melted my heart. Out of all the words that she could pick, she decided on that word. We had a few other rounds and Micah even chimed in with some letters every now and then.

Since our family is into playing Hangman right now, I added that on the side for you to play as well if you would like. Have fun!

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