Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holidays and being...

It seems like the last few holidays that we have had, someone has been so sick that they haven't been able to be a part of the festivities. I am praying for a break for this Christmas and really hoping that everyone will be healthy for this Christmas.

Last Christmas...Quinn had a fever and was pretty miserable that day. He was 2 months old so that just made it a little harder too since he was so little. I held him in my arms while everyone opened up their gifts.

Easter...I had bronchitis and Sid was also sick with the same type of cold but not quite as bad as me. We were so sick that I couldn't even walk up our stairs without stopping to cough and catch my breath. Sidney was up for about 2 entire nights just coughing. I think she and I have the same lungs because we both get the same type of colds and they turn into respiratory colds pretty easily and fast.

July 4th - Chris stayed home during the fireworks because he wasn't feeling well. I got to take all three kids down to Silver Lake (I must have been out of my mind) all by myself and watch the fireworks with them. I will always remember this because I forgot Quinn's bottles on the counter and called to ask Chris if he saw them in the house and...yes, they were right where I left them. All I had for him to eat was crackers and he did fine so at least I didn't have the child that was screaming when the fireworks were going off. He actually was really good and slept through the fireworks.

Thanksgiving - we were healthy this year other than some simple colds.

Then, yesterday, we were supposed to go to my parents house to celebrate Christmas and go to a wedding of one of my friends. She was a missionary in China for many years and just came back this past year. She met her new husband at the church she was attending and got married today. There has been a virus going around town and we have been so lucky not to get it. I have tried to avoid going places with the kids and have been washing our hands all the time but it didn't help. Friday night, I got very sick. I was feeling better Saturday morning so we headed out for FD. We got to Hwy 52 and saw cars in the ditch, in the fence and just stopped along the highway in several places because of the accidents that we on the roads. After about 2 hours of driving, we got to Austin. Austin is only about 30 miles away from Rochester so this was quite the drive. The kids and Chris got some lunch and I called my parents to tell them we weren't coming any farther. The roads were down to about one lane on I-90 and Hwy 52 only had 2 lanes plowed and you really couldn't tell which of the 3 lanes you were driving in. We went down some hills and tried to stop and couldn't...we did some coasting on the road.

On the 2 hour trip back to Rochester from Austin, I got sick again. I was glad we were on our way home and not trying to get to Iowa anymore. My body was tired and weak and I was out of energy for the day.

We did eventually get back home yesterday and at 5:00 PM, I thought of the wedding that we were supposed to be at and silently wished them congrats. The wedding ceremony was just starting then and around 5:30 PM, Sid was upstairs playing with Micah when she came down and told us that she got sick. I am so glad we were not sitting in a church when that happened!

I have tomorrow off and am planning on taking it easy for the rest of today so I have enough energy for Tuesday when I have a few kids to watch again. I think we are all over whatever it is that we it is time to get the Lysol out and get things disinfected :)

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