Friday, December 12, 2008

I was tagged...

THIS HAS AN EDIT...I was told by my husband that I got the dates wrong on this picture. The date of this is actually in 2001...for some reason I put 2005. This really is 2001 and Sid is just a little tiny baby. So, when you see the dates 2005, just think 2001 :)

I was tagged...which I guess means (from what I have learned from other blogs) that I have to post the 5th picture in my 5th file.

So, I went looking for my 5th picture file. I went to the 5th picture file and opened was empty. So, I went to the one below that...I was empty :) Third time is a charm, right? Well, in the next file, there were pictures in it!

So, below is the picture that I found and here is what the picture is about.

This is my family...December or November 2005...not really sure which month. Sidney, who is now 7, is the baby in my arms and she was just born on October 14th.

So, here is everyone in the photo, starting with the bottom row on the left side.
Me, Sidney, Chris, my dad, my mom. 2nd row: my brother Jacob, sister Jenna, sister Julie, brother Justin, brother Jordan, brother Josh, sister Josie (in front of Josh) and Jonathan.

I am pretty sure that in this picture, Josie just got bit by a dog on the cheek and she had to have stitches for it. It looked pretty bad for awhile but now you really can't tell that it even happened unless you know where to look and what it looked like before. When she smiles there is a line where it happened but sortof looks like a dimple.

There is a lot of drama that has happened in my family since this picture and in a way is a hard picture to look at but also glad that this picture was taken. This could quite possibly be the last family picture that we ever have together with all my brothers and sisters because of the different things that have gone on and are going on now. There is one sister that is missing though in this picture but although she isn't here on earth anymore, she will always be in my heart and thoughts. These new brothers and sisters that are in this picture would not be in our family, I am pretty sure, if my sister was still alive today. I lost one sister but I gained 3 more and 4 brothers!

This was almost the last picture that we had with both of my parents too. A few years ago, I was getting ready for a fundraiser for Teen MOPS and got several calls from my oldest brother that something happened to my dad...found out later he had a heart attack and it was very severe. My dad should not have lived and I said my goodbye's to him as his organs were shutting down...then went to my parents house to take care of the kids while my mom and oldest brother stayed at the hospital. Those were very hard weeks and we lived through it again a week after he got out the hospital because he was having additional heart problems and eventually was life flighted to Des Moines and had a defibrillator put in.

So, this picture says a lot to me and shows a glimpse of my family back in 2005.

Now, I need to tag 5 people. If I tag you, you need to post a picture on your blog that is your 5th picture in your 5th file and then tag 5 additional people. If you have already been tagged, just post another picture :) So, I am tagging Cori, Jen Elder, Jan Gatzke, Kate Rawdon and...oh, one more...more people need blogs! Last person is...Jennifer Bertschinger. Ok, I know you don't have a blog but you need one and I know you want to talk about one so this could be your first post :)

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Chris said...

I hate to say it but, Sidney wasn't 2 months old in 2005, she would have been 4 years old. This picture is from 2001 :)