Sunday, December 7, 2008

Eye Appointment & Santa

On Saturday, we had a followup appointment with Micah's eyes. He has been wearing a patch on his left eye while he wears his glasses and has to do this 3 times a week for at least 2 1/2 hours. His eyesight is 20/100 in his bad eye and with his glasses before he started patching, he was able to see 20/60 with his glasses on. After about a month and a half of wearing the patch, he can now see almost 20/40 n that eye. He was being a little bit of a stinker during this last appointment and not focusing as well as he should have on the pictures that he was looking at but he did see some of them at 20/40. He goes back at the beginning of February for another check-up and the doctor would like him to be at 20/30 in that eye with his glasses on. She is thinking that he can probably get to 20/30 with glasses but that is probably the best he will get for his eye sight in that eye.

We also had a birthday party for a neighbor yesterday and then we went to see Santa and Mrs. Clause at the mall that is downtown in Rochester. It was pretty cold outside and of course, Santa was outside in the plaza. The reindeer were also there that were in training so that was pretty neat to see. We started to wait in line to see Santa but Micah and Quinn got too cold so we went inside and just happened to come across Mrs. Clause reading some stories to some kids with one of her elves. Since the boys and I were inside warming up, we stayed to listen and a few minutes later Chris and Sid joined us too because they got too cold. The kids got their picture taken with Mrs. Clause and the elf and then we did some shopping, had supper at the mall and bought a few gifts for Christmas. This day of shopping also helped to support Sid's school so it was great to do all of this just for that reason too.

On our way out of the mall, we went through the front area again outside where Santa was and just looked inside his little building to see if he was still in there. There wasn't a line of kids anymore and no one was outside so we just thought he was gone. We looked, and he was inside with all of his elves and they motioned us inside to come see him! The kids told him what they wanted for Christmas and got a sticker that said that they saw him.

After that adventure, we went to the live nativity that the local Christian college puts on. Sidney read the signs that said what each scene was about and they got to see a lot of different people standing and acting out the scene while standing completely still. There were some live animals as well that the kids liked. Last night it was about 15 degrees outside, the night before it was a lot worse with the windchill...and these college students are standing outside, standing still, in the horrible cold weather that we love here in Minnesota :) I am sure that they are taking turns once in awhile but I was cold just walking from the mall to our car...and that was not very far.

The kids had a great day though and got to end the day with learning about the real meaning of Christmas!

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