Sunday, November 30, 2008


On Sunday's, we usually drive to Jimmy John's for some good lunch. Where can you find a better sub than Jimmy John's? The only bad part about this drive is that we have to go all the way downtown to get to the store that we have here in Rochester. Hey, Jimmy John's people, you really need to build one of these on the NW side of the town!

So, we were driving, saw the usual homeless people that we come across on the weekend, the usual stoplights and then we get to Saint Marys (one of the big Mayo buildings basically for those not familiar with Roch). This building seems to go on forever and of course, you can't park anywhere other than the ramp where you get to pay...

So, off we go down 2nd Street, getting more and more hungry and we travel along.

Micah started saying something over and over again. Moms, you know how you get when you answer your child and you really aren't understanding what they are saying but you just acknowledge them anyways. Well, that is what I was doing. Micah was saying, "Mom, dad, the p's aren't allowed." Ok, Micah. Yep, Micah. I probably said that 10 times back to him.

Then, Chris realized that Micah was looking at the No Parking signs that were posted all along the road that we were driving on. You know, the sign that has the p with the big circle and a line through it. P's are not allowed.

Chris told him how right he was and that he did such a great job recognizing the sign. Then, Sid had to chime in that the sign didn't really mean that P's weren't allowed but that it was for no parking so we had that debate go on in the car for at least 10 minutes.

So, the next time that you see a sign with the letter p crossed out, just remember that P's are not allowed there!

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Jen Elder said...

Hi Jess! Jen Elder here. Found your blog through Facebook. It seems like everyone has a blog now (including myself) and I love it!

Anyway, wanted to let you know that there WILL be a second Jimmy John's opening on the NW side of Rochester. Right near Target north. Here's the article about it:

It's supposed to open early next year. I love Jimmy John's too (good to hear someone else appreciates them as well) and this will be a great location that's close to church!

Also, about the ramp parking. Most ramps in downtown Rochester are free on evenings and weekends. Is the one you're talking about not free? I thought all of them were but I could be wrong. Funny story about the "no P's" though, I'll think of Micah next time I see that sign.