Sunday, November 16, 2008

What we with kids

We have had a lot going on these last 10 days and somehow things just don't always get done, including the blog. Guess that is just what happens with life when you have 3 kids. Although I work at our home, I don't have a spare moment other than to eat lunch, which is usually not until about 2...if I am lucky to be able to sit down and eat. The babies right now seem to have their own schedule and are up and very active while the older kids are resting for a bit.

In the last 10 days, Sidney had a dance at her school. This was something I was able to take her to this year and it was a lot of fun. She was able to dress up so she was Cinderella. She is pretty much obsessed with Cinderella so I think she will probably like her for a few more years. We got to the dance and there were some kids dancing and it was very cute to watch her go from being very shy and practically hugging my leg so I won't get to far from her and then transform into this little girl that is leading a conga line. She does have one problem though when it comes to dances...Sidney has no rhythm. At one point, there was a song..."We will, we will, rock you, rock you"...can you think of that song. You clap along and some people stomp their feet with it. They played this song towards the end of the night. She tried the entire song to get the claps and stomps figured out and was very determined to get it right. She didn't get one beat right at all. She didn't get frustrated and I was trying to help her by showing her when to clap and when to stomp but even with all of my efforts, it was just not in her cards to get the beat.

In the last 10 days, we also had Quinn dedicated. Grandma and Grandpa Williams came out for the weekend and were able to see this as well. Quinn did very well on the stage and only started to babble a little tiny bit and took my name tag off. Other than that, he did a great job!

The state is coming at some point to do their inspection and review with me so I can be licensed again for this upcoming year. Hopefully we are ready. They only have 7 more days where they can come so it should be any time now. I am hoping to have a great visit and no write-ups! It is a little stressful so I would like them to just come and be done with it :)

We have a new way for our family photos to be posted. I have been using a website called Shutterfly to post photos of the day care kids for their families to view. We take a lot of pictures to try to capture the special moments that we have in day care and they don't always get to see those and it was costing a lot to print them ourselves so I found this through one of the day care moms. I have tried to use Winkflash and just can't get photos to upload through this site from my computer. I have sat for 3 hours or more many nights and it never works so I had to just change everything all together. This site also has a website where we can control it and design so our family members can view photos this still gives people a chance to order photos of our family if they would like.

We now have the game, Guitar Hero, for the Wii. This was going to be a Christmas gift for Chris but since he goes and buys everything, I luckily hadn't purchased this yet. I just knew in the back of my mind that he would buy it before Christmas. This is really a fun game and I have a few pictures that I will upload at some point of the kids playing this game.

Sidney also got her haircut and now she is a cute little Diva! We haven't taken any pictures of her yet but will. She is so cute!!!

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Cori said...

I hope that Guitar Hero makes it as a gift in our household, too. Ben's always buying his own stuff. I just told him the other day, "did you leave anything for me to get you for Christmas?" Then he gave me a large list. ha!