Thursday, November 6, 2008

Parent's Night

Last night was Parent's night at Awana. Since two of our kids are in Awana, both parents had to go tonight and go see each of the kids...with Quinn in tow.

Sidney is in her 2nd year of Sparks and she loves it. She is so good at memorization...I give her the book Wednesday morning to study on the bus and she knows at least a page or 2 by the time she comes home that day. I know this isn't the best way to memorize but it works for her and us at the moment. I asked her yesterday when she came home if she was ready for Awana and she said no because she didn't study the book while she was on the bus, she played tick-tac-toe with her friends instead. She still got a page of verses done though last night which is a lot for a little person to do in a week. Chris went with Sid last night and learned all about the different things that she gets to do during this fun night at church.

Micah just started Awana and this is his first year of Cubbies. Micah did a great job and really loves Awana and his friends. He made a craft, played games, listened to a story and even saw some puppets. Micah does tend to be a leader in the group and also was just trying to be himself in this big group of other kids. I am just glad that there are a lot of helpers in there because I know how much of a handful he is.

I was talking with one of the other moms last night whose daughter also has glasses and has to patch her eye. While she and I were talking and comparing stories of how we get the kids to wear their patch, Micah and her daughter were talking. At one point they even took off their glasses and started comparing and analyzing them. Micah said his were bigger and a different color and he was very right about that. We encouraged them to put their glasses back on so they could finish their craft.

It was a fun and busy night but I had a good time learning what Micah does at Awana and Chris learned a little bit about what Sidney gets to do. Tonight, I get to go to a dance with Sidney at her school. The fun just never stops here at the Williams house :)

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