Sunday, November 2, 2008

Can questions be stupid?

I know that there is a saying that no question is a stupid question.

I disagree.

One thing I am trying to teach my kids is not to ask a stupid question. There are many questions that are very important and enhance your learning, help you figure out what you want to do with your life and help you discover who you are as a person. But, there are other questions that seem to make you forget that you have another part of brain where answers are stored to the simple things in life. What might those things be, you ask?

Here are some examples for you:
Mom, where is the ketchup?
Is the dishwasher clean?
Do I need to wear new underwear?
Why do I have to take up ALL these clothes? (says Sidney after I fold her laundry for 2 hours...emphasis on the All word. She is 7 you know and tends to be a little over dramatic at times)
Where are the wipes at?

You get the idea. These are questions that a mom really shouldn't be the one to answer. Granted, my kids aren't the only ones who ask me these questions. There are others in the house that do too. Not naming any names but he is a bit bigger than the kids :)

Instead of stupid questions, I guess I could call this lack of initiative as well...that word works really well for this. I keep telling the kids that I don't have to tell them to pick up garbage off of the floor, they can just pick it up and throw it away. I also don't have to tell them to pick up their stuff off the stairs. If they see it as they are walking right past it, they can just pick it up and take it to their room. And, when they ask me one of those questions above, I just tell them that they need to think about what they are asking me and see if they can answer that question on their own.

One thing that I can not stand is people asking questions that they should know the question to if they just thought about the answer a little bit and took some initiative to look instead of asking first.

Anyone else have people in your house ask questions like this?

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Cori said...

How about this question: Do I have to wipe?