Sunday, November 2, 2008

And now it is November

We had a beautiful weekend and it was great to be outside in the 70 some degree weather and enjoy some of the last few days that we have of this nice weather.
The leaves are off all of our trees in our backyard...oops, we only have one back there :) The colors have changed on our big front tree and the leaves started falling today. I went around our flower beds and got everything ready for spring. I try to get this done every year and always regret when I don't do it because it is just that much harder to do in the spring. We have one side of our house...of course the longest side, that is just a hodge podge of whatever and that will be our project next year because I hate that side of the house. I don't want to go over there because it looks so bad and it is just unmanageable and to the point of needing to roundup the entire thing and start from scratch. So, that is what we did...or attempted to do this past summer. We took out a huge bush that ended up being a tree, it was so big. We also took out another bush that was growing on the side of the house and that was quite the project too. We also did roundup a lot of the flowers on the side to get rid of them. They didn't die though so I'm not sure if it worked. I guess we will find out in the spring.

We have had some busy weekends and weeks lately and it was nice to have a weekend where the weather was nice and we didn't have to rush anywhere. It was almost as if we could take in the fresh air and feel relaxed. We still have a lot of things to do but it was as if we could rest for a second and just enjoy the time we had outside for a brief moment.

The kids went trick-or-treating on Friday night and got lots of candy. Quinn was a pumpkin, Micah was Spiderman and Sidney was a butterfly. Our costumes weren't grand this year and were all very simple and used before but the kids still had fun and we saved lots of money by not buying new costumes. I made some butterfly wings for Sid, Micah wore the same costume last year and Quinn's was a costume that all the kids have worn at some point in time.

The big news for this week is that it is time for me to be re-licensed for day care. I have had my license almost a year now and I will be receiving a surprise visit sometime this month. My paperwork is now turned in, which took me an entire evening and about 4 hours total to complete, but it is done and the money is in. Now, I just wait for that knock on the door. Hopefully the kids will be behaving that day and the house will be fairly clean and everything will be where it should be. I had my fire extinguisher re-checked this weekend, went through my first aid kit, reorganized our closets that have day care items in them so you can actually see what we have in there, and even went through all the boys clothes and got those organized. I couldn't close Micah's drawers or even see the bottom of his closet today and now, his closet doors are closed and his toys are actually where they belong. Not sure how long that will last but it looks good right now. Quinn's drawers are organized too and man, does he have a lot of 2t clothes! Wow!!!!! I am just hoping that they will actually be the right season. So far, we have missed a lot of that since Micah was born in February and Quinn was born in October. If they don't work, we will just have to sell them and get some different ones.

I have pictures but haven't had a chance to get them downloaded and posted anywhere yet. Someday, there will be a lot of new pictures to see.

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