Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend fun

This past week we have had some cold temperatures...this is the precursor to the really cold weather that will be coming this winter. I'm not sure if I am quite ready for the -10 and -20 below temperatures :)

As a family, we almost always go out to eat on Fridays. I am ready for a break by Friday night because I usually have the most kids to watch on Fridays and Chris is done working, usually, for the week by Friday night. The kids are ready for anything as long as it doesn't involve picking up their rooms. This Friday, we mixed things up a bit and went to a restaurant called Homestyle Pizza. We did have to drive a little bit to get here (it is in Stewartville...about 20 miles south of us) but it was well worth the drive. The pizza is good and it is a very quaint restaurant. We also know the owners and we hadn't been to their restaurant yet so we wanted to have a chance to see their business. I also have one of their kids in our day care and he always talks about how he helps make breadsticks.

So, off we drove to Stewartville to enjoy some pizza. We got to the store and the kids saw the mom and were so excited! We ate, they had fun, we had some great conversations with the owners and then...the kids were invited to the kitchen to help make some breadsticks. They did such a great job and they were so proud of the work they were doing. They had a blast!

That was Friday. Last night we had a bigger meal than usual...I made a chicken with did things with it similar to how I was going to make the turkey for Thursday when all the fam comes here for the holiday. The chicken was yummy, we had some other fixins' and then we went out with the kids to see some lights in Zumbro Falls. They got their jammies on, we got them some snacks at the gas station and then we were off to see the lights. They loved it and were loving all the different things that they saw. This morning they even were drawing some pictures of some of the lights that they saw last night.

I am still waiting for the state to show up...they have one more day to be at our house before my license expires and that day would be tomorrow. I am guessing that the food program people are going to show up tomorrow too because they are going to another person's house in the area tomorrow and it just makes sense that they would visit most of their clients at the same time. I am supposed to have a visit by them in the fall so it should be any day.

Thanksgiving is coming soon and hopefully this year the kids will learn a little bit more about what it means to be thankful. We will miss being with the Williams Family and will be having Thanksgiving at our house this year with the Schild clan. We will be talking about the holiday each day and will be getting things ready for the big day. My grandpa will be celebrating with us this year and will be coming to our house for the first time, actually coming to Rochester for the first time since we have lived here too so that will be great ot have him celebrate with us. It has been many years since we have celebrated Thanksgiving with him. We will be missing a few of the Schild clan for different reasons as well but we will miss having them here for the holidays and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

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