Thursday, September 25, 2008

Look at their schedule

I went to a women's event at our church tonight and someone told me about something that I could be a part of and I know what our schedules are like and I actually had to say the words, "I will have to look at my kids' schedules". Between games, practices, Awana and other things going on I truly have days where I feel like I just don't see my family.

The only new thing that we have this year is sports for Sid. She always has a lot of homework too and that is something we are still trying to figure out. I am just thankful that she does well with school because there are days when I rely on her great memorization skills to get her through Awana or her spelling test. Although I am home all day, at times, I only really see her for about 2 hours when she is awake. Only three more weeks of soccer and I think we will have to really consider the amount of time that this takes for next year. I know it is just going to get worse as the kids get older but I don't think sports are as important as our society has made them out to be.

Micah has been invited to his first birthday party. He gets to go to McDonalds on Monday with his friend, Seth. He is so excited! Seth is probably his best friend and they are two peas in a pod.

I truly think Quinn is going to be our comedian in the family. I came home tonight and he started "crawling" towards me at a fast pace or at least as fast as he could go. I picked him up and he just laughed and laughed. He has a serious side but when he is happy, he is really happy and his smile just goes from one chubby cheek to the next.

Sid's school has a book fair this week. Of course, the kids were able to go and see what books they wanted to buy. Sid wrote down a book that was $3.99 and another book that was $24.99. We let her get the $3.99 book :) Tomorrow after school, I am not letting her do homework...she can just play. We are also going to plan her birthday party which is coming up in October. We haven't had a party for her since she turned 3 so we will make this one extra special :) No pony in the yard...not that special but there could be a butterfly...these are probably her favorite things in the world. If you want to make her happy, buy her a cocoon or something for butterfly's. She really wants a butterfly! If I can find stuff for it, we will have butterflies as the theme for her party.

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