Saturday, September 20, 2008

Movin' & Groovin'

Quinn is on the go! He doesn't crawl but scoots...and scoots very fast! He sees something that he wants and just goes after it. He even pulled himself to a standing position a few times. He loves to play with the front door. If he sees that it is open, he goes right over to it and will attempt to close it.

He is also saying some different things. The other day, Chris came into the room and he wasn't saying anything at all and then said, "da da". Why is it that kids always say "da da" first although it is mom that is the one who can calm them down the best?

We continue to have our fight with the carseat. As soon as he gets close to the carseat, he starts screaming. He usually calms down just after he gets buckled in but will start wiggling around as soon as he sees that you are going to get him out.

Quinn loves to play peek-a-boo too! About a month ago, he started putting blankets over his head and he just thinks it is hilarious to peek around a corner of it.

The other kids are doing really well too. We got a call from Sid's teacher the other day and she was just calling to tell us that Sid has a great attitude for school. Sidney was also selected in her school to attend a play at the children's theatre in the twin cities. It was really short notice (we found out Thursday and the play is today) and we already have some other things going on so she can't make it but that was quite an honor! A few kids in each class were selected and she was one of them because she read over 30 books this summer.

Micah will be going in this week to get his eyes checked again to see how his glasses are doing. He has already scratched one of the lenses so I am guessing they will say something about that. At this appointment, we will find out if he will be using a patch as well.

We are enjoying this great weather here in Minnesota! We have had 70 degree weather with about 50% humidity and it is awesome! This is the weather that I like. The trees are starting to turn colors here too. Our tree in our backyard has some yellow in it that we saw yesterday. It is just a matter of time before all the trees will be turning reds and other beautiful fall colors.

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