Wednesday, October 1, 2008


We took Micah for his follow-up eye appointment last week and were told that he would need to wear an eye patch 3 days a week for a few hours at a time. We expected this so it wasn't really a shock...more of a "ok, let's get this going so we can adjust to this change too".

Found out today that the eye patches are in so we will have to find a time to pick those up tomorrow. Friday will be his first day wearing one. I am guessing it will either go well with some bumping into walls and possibly falling down or it will just be horrible. The glasses have been fine and I am really impressed that he wears his glasses willingly. If he gives us a hard time I am going to go out and buy the Pirates who don't do anything video and show that pirates wear patches and let him pretend that he is a pirate. We may be saying "Arrrrr" for awhile.

Today is my sister, Julie's, birthday! Happy birthday! She is 17 now and I just want everyone to know...she does not have a cell phone. She is probably one of the only 17 year old's out there that doesn't have a cell phone (she would probably agree with that). There has been talk that she will be getting a track parents somehow think that those are the way to go with a teenager, so we will see if that is one of the things that she gets for her birthday.

Quinn is starting to show his new personality. I call him a menace to society...he is everywhere all the time and just doesn't stop. We went to pick up Sid from soccer last night and he just wanted to bounce up and down. After about 10 minutes of holding him while he was bouncing up and down, I just put him on the ground in the grass. So, he bounced up and down in the grass. Quinn is also our little human dog. I'm not saying he is ugly or trying to demean him in any way. I am saying that he will eat anything off of the floor, loves to eat leaves and grass while we are outside and also scoots as fast as he can over to the table so he can be close by when the kids are eating. No joke! I don't let him eat anything other than baby food or cheerios so we just have to contain him or make sure the floors are clean all the time. He hates being contained so the floors are clean all the time. He also hates his nuk except when he is tired. His nuk will get him asleep in less than a minute when he is tired. If we give him a nuk and he doesn't want it, he throws it. He has a pretty good arm for being 11 months old. We have also seen some pretty good temper tantrums. He throws himself so his head is on the floor and he just screams. Babies are pretty funny when they are trying to show us how they feel :)

Sid is going to go with me on Friday to the Revolve Tour with Teen MOPS. We are taking some teens with us and another volunteer and will be gone until Saturday night. I am sure Sid will love all of it...some of the talks will probably be over her head but she will have a great time. She has been a little down lately so this will be some good mommy and daughter time too. We need to get a break from all of the testosterone that is in our house and just be girls sometimes.

Chris left today to go pick up his new motorcycle. I know nothing about it other than it is bigger than his current motorcycle. This is good though because right now he looks way to big for his current bike. Chris will be back tomorrow sometime and I am sure he will still be on cloud 9 with his new purchase. Now we just have to get some leather chaps for him and he will be a true biker :)

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