Monday, September 8, 2008

15 minutes

That is the amount of time I have to get this blog updated with recent happenings. The babies will be up soon and then the other kids will be off to bed.

Sid had her first week of school as a first grader last week and she seems to like school a lot. Above are pictures of the kids on the first day of school and Sid going to her bus on the first day:) We did manage to forget her snack one day and then also forgot her homework on Friday. It wasn't a great way to start of the school year but we managed. The teacher had a snack for Sid because I guess this happens quite a bit so they have some emergency snacks. Sid was also able to turn in her homework today instead. She had it all ready to go this past week and then this morning (about 15 minutes before she needed to get on the bus), she decided that she wanted a picture of herself on her page. So, I had to find one, print it off and let her glue it on. We shoved it in her bag, got our shoes and coats on and went out the door with all the kids.

Micah and Sidney have been waiting very patiently for a special weekend that they were going to have with their Grandma & Grandpa Williams. On Friday they got to go camping with them and stayed with them all weekend. I thought Micah might get a little sad about not being with us but I guess he did really well. They went to Oxbow Park, roasted marshmallows and hotdogs, had smore's and so much fun. Micah asked me this morning if he could roast marshmallows. They told us how they made a fire, what the camper was like, talked about the fun they had at the park and loved the applesauce and pancakes that they ate. Chris and I had a chance to eat at a nice restaurant with only 1 child, window shopped at lots of stores and had some quiet around the house. Thanks Grandma & Grandpa Williams! The kids had a blast and thanks for letting us have some moments of quiet too.

Part of our weekend was also watching Sidney's first soccer game! She ran so hard and really did well for her first game. I was so proud of her! She even made a goal...but, it was to the wrong goal :)

Here are a few photos of what has been going on...

Sid's soccer game on Saturday...

Mark, Sid, Chris and Bonnie doing Guitar Hero...well, it is a free version. I have a picture of Bonnie doing Dance Dance Revolution too but can't get it sized right. I will work on that and put it up here sometime.

This week we will be going to Sesame Street Live. The kids are very excited about this! We start Awana on Wednesday with Micah and Sid. I am a little concerned about how Micah will behave during his class but we will see how it goes. Friday, I have a kick-off at church for all of the women's ministries. Gotta represent Teen MOPS! Saturday, we are having a Wii party for Teen MOPS at our house. It should be a lot of fun!

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