Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Williams Schedule

I know our family doesn't have the busiest schedule out there but as I look at our calendar and at times feel like we are always getting in and out of our van, I wonder what else we could possibly fit in to our week.

Last night, we went to see Sesame Street Live. This started at 7:00 PM and didn't get over until about 8:45 PM. After I finally got out of the parking ramps, we got home at about 9:30 PM. The kids had fun though and had a chance to see some of their favorite friends. They were pretty exhausted today though. Micah slept for about 3 hours this afternoon at quiet time. Sid is usually up in the morning just before 7:00 am and today she slept in until about 7:40 PM. She had to hustle to get on the bus today :)

Today was Awana. Sid was very excited for this and was really looking forward to getting her new book since she finished hers last year. This is Micah's first year in Awana and hopefully he will learn some good skills being with others kids in a different environment than our home. I was hopeful about that until I picked him up and then we went to go wait in line for Sid's class to get out. We were standing in the hallway and there are coat hangers on the wall at the height for kids to reach. Micah must have been bored with me because he turned around and put his hands on the coat hanger (the stand like someone makes when they are getting arrested and have to put their hands on the car...that is what he looked like) and then decided to wiggle his butt back and forth...over and over again. There were probably 40 people watching and he didn't care.

Tomorrow is another day of soccer practice. Friday, I have a women's event at church where I will hopefully be getting a few more volunteers for Teen MOPS this year. Saturday, we have soccer games & pictures and then a Wii party at our house for Teen MOPS. Sunday, we can relax...oh, wait. We have nursery. We can relax after nursery. :)

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