Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why is there water by the door?


We had a great night last night at a friends house. Chris and the others that went to Sisseton talked about the trip and what could happen in the future with this missions program. Our kids were there and they were very focused on the food, mainly the ice cream and roasting marshmallows. The kids had a great time. We got home around 9:30 PM which is really late for the kids to be out. We usually start getting ready for bed between 7:30 PM and 8:00 PM. This was a stretch for them but they did a great job and were very patient.

One of the cutest things that I saw yesterday was Micah sitting on Chris' lap while we were sitting around a fire ring. It was dark outside and Micah and Sidney were amazed by the stars that they could see. They could see more than I could so I could tell I was just getting older and can't see as well anymore or they really didn't see that many stars. I heard a little voice singing and saw Micah singing very quietly, "Twinkle, twinkle little star" while he was looking up into the sky looking for more stars.

Sidney was our hero today and here is why...
We had a busy day with day care today and I had a class tonight for day care licensing that I had to leave immediately for after all the kids were gone so I could get there in time. Chris was home because he wasn't feeling very well so he has been hanging out upstairs watching the Olympics and getting rested.
This afternoon, the kids and I were having our song and story time and I heard some water running and thought that it was good that Chris was taking a shower. Maybe he was starting to feel better. We did all of our songs, read a few books and after about 20 minutes, decided that we should go downstairs instead of play outside today since it was pretty hot. I started getting diapers changed and corralling the kids into the basement area to play. Sometimes, this process takes quite awhile too since 3 of the kids today don't go down stairs and two don't even walk yet.
I finally got downstairs and brought the last kid down and was just about ready to sit down when Sidney said, "Mom, why is there water by the door?"
Now that I think about it, yes, I did still hear that noise of water that I thought was the shower.
Yes, I did ask Micah if dad was taking a shower about 5 minutes before that and he said that dad was watching tv and laying down in the bed.
Yes, that was the sound of water rushing into our basement.
I opened one of the doors that goes into the very large storage and shop rooms and there was water everywhere. Water started coming onto the carpet in the day care room and even started going into our office a little bit.
I told Sidney, "Go get dad, now!"

We started cleaning up and throwing some things away that got wet. Then, I had to get the babies fed, changed and ready to go for when the parents started to come.

I went to my class and Chris took the kids to the store to get parts to fix what was broken. (This may have been his first time taking all three kids somewhere...and he wasn't feeling well).

I had a great class and am looking forward to the rest of it on Thursday night, our basement is starting to dry, the leak is fixed and tomorrow I will start going through the boxes that got wet.

Oh, the joys of owning a home. This little event in our life made me realize how much work the people in the Rushford area went through just about a year ago from today when many lost their homes and several died in the floods that his Southeast Minnesota.

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