Monday, August 18, 2008

Thomas terms

Micah and Sidney have a new game that they like to play...based off of (you guessed it) Thomas the Tank Engine. I don't think Sidney has as much interest as Micah because he is pretty much obsessed with Thomas.

Over the weekend, the kids brought down from their rooms all of the big riding cars and trucks and were shunting cars. I didn't even realize what they were saying or doing until Chris pointed it out.

If you are like me and don't know what shunting means, here is the definition:

, in railway operations, involves the process of sorting items of rolling stock into complete train sets or consists. The United States equivalent is "switching".

My dad is a huge train person so I called him over the weekend to tell him what the kids were doing. He was mowing so hopefully the message got passed on to him because no one else that I know has the same passion about trains.

Every day, the kids have hauled their big cars and trucks up and down the stairs to shunt cars. I put Micah to bed last night and he had them all in a row and he said, "Look mom, I shunted my cars." Yes, yes you did, Micah. Amazing!

Quinn has a one big tooth on the bottom of his mouth and two others ready to come through on the top. He smiles and he looks funny with his one tooth. He has another habit that he has been doing for about a week too. He just falls asleep...on the floor. He is asleep right now...on the floor by my feet. I must wear him out because he will just close his eyes, usually roll over so he is laying on his tummy and fall asleep. Sleeping like a baby :)

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