Sunday, August 17, 2008

My tummy hurts...

"My tummy hurts!..."

I was going to write a review of what we our week was like and realized that those three words pretty much sum it up.

It started last Thursday (August 7th...that Thursday). If you read some of the older posts, that is the day that Sidney threw up in my car. Lovely day :) You know that you haven't truly reached mom status until you get to clean up puke from a car. I have reached it several times now...

Chris was gone in Sisseton until late Sunday night. I was still hearing those three words on Sunday and seeing Sidney not eat anything other than about 2 bites of food each day and taking maybe 2 sips of water was starting to concern me. That was Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Monday, the start of another week. I still got to hear those words and see Sidney eat hardly anything. I got concerned and was a bit afraid that she was going to get dehydrated and if she really was feeling sick and her stomach hurt as bad as she said it did, we should get her in to see someone. I was all set for her to go see a doctor that night but Chris decided to talk to her and see if he could figure out if she was really sick or if anything else might be going on. I had dealt with this from her for 5 days now and saw her throw up so I didn't think it was just for attention.

She didn't go to the doctor and the next day we did get her to eat some food. It was a little bit but she did eat. Her color started to come back again and her eating slowly became more consistent throughout the week.

Micah got his glasses on Tuesday. :)

The last few days, Micah has learned by watching his sister that if he says, "My tummy hurts" he doesn't have to finish his food. So, guess what he has been saying at meals?

If Sid did have some sort of bug, I got it yesterday. I slept until 9:30 this morning, which hasn't happened in a very long time. Amazingly, Quinn slept too. I think he got the bug too because he also wasn't feeling so well today. I think that is why he slept so late this morning too.

Today, we ran our errands that we never seem to get to anymore. The rest of our day was spent outside enjoying the family and letting the kids play and enjoy this beautiful day. Tomorrow is supposed to be just as nice and I am hoping that we can play cornhole as a family after we get things crossed off our to-do list.

Hopefully everyone's tummy will be feeling good too!

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