Thursday, August 14, 2008

Photo of Micah with his specs

Micah got his glasses this week. I finally got a picture of him with his glasses on.

He has worn his glasses each day and has really done well for a boy that is three years old and very active. Micah is getting used to looking through the glasses instead of below or above them. He is doing a really good job though and has taken really good care of them. He knows to take the glasses off during quiet time and night time and puts them right on in the morning when he gets up.

Chris and I have both looked through his glasses and I are just amazed at the level of strength that the left side has. My eyes tear up just looking through them.

We are glad that it will be Friday tomorrow! We have had a busy week with lots of kids here, Chris coming home from being gone in Sisseton. We had a few rough days and our kids need a weekend with just their mom and dad and some family time.

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