Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Math Lesson

I took the kids today to Michael's so they could spend some of their money on something that they wanted. It is very funny to watch a child try to grasp the understanding of how much something costs and what money really means.

Micah wanted some Thomas the Train item...of course. Sidney loves things that are pink.

Well, Micah didn't have enough money for any of the Thomas the Train stuff other than a sheet of some Thomas stickers so we got some of those. Sidney kept showing Micah all sorts of stuff but he only had about 3 dollars so I had to tell her to just worry about her own item to pick out. She got a booklet of stickers that cost the same amount as the Thomas ones.

When we got home, they both showed Chris their new purchases and were very proud of what they picked out! Then, they made some pretty pictures with their new stickers. Micah shunted cars with his new stickers on his picture that he made. Go figure!

The kids were playing outside today too and Sidney caught a huge butterfly! She loves butterflies and was so excited! She brought in her bug collector container and shocked both of us because it really was a huge butterfly. We couldn't believe that she caught one that big. We took a picture of it with her and will post it on here soon. We did have her let the butterfly go later on in the day because we knew it would be a lot happier flying through the trees rather than live in a cage. She said that she missed her butterfly but that she would probably see it again.

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