Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And the winner is...

Last week, I found a picture in our newspaper of Elmo and it was a coloring contest for 4 tickets to Sesame Street Live in September. Sid loves to color pictures so I cut it out for her and let her make it as pretty as she could. Sid goes through our coloring books pretty fast so I did this more to give our coloring books a break and so she could have a little variety and use some different creativity with this project. For fun, we mailed it in to our newspaper.

She has been telling me every day since then that on the 26th, she would know if she won the contest or not. The entries had to be in by the 26th so I didn't think that the decision would actually be made on the 26th.

During our song and story time, my phone rang. It was the newspapers phone number that came up.

Why do I know that it was the newspapers number? Well, every week for about 7 years, I was in charge of either my own ads or someone else's ads for real estate and I got to know that phone number very well. One of my day care kids' parents also works there so I just assumed that it was her calling today.


Sidney won the coloring contest and we now have 4 tickets to see Elmo. The kids are very excited! There are 3 showings of this show so I just hope it is a showing at night so I can take the kids :)

Good job on your coloring Sidney!

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