Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chris is gone...

I have been playing single mom for a few days now. Chris left on Tuesday for a missions trip to Sisseton, South Dakota. This is his 2nd time coordinating this trip to help the town and the Native Americans that live in the town. We are very proud of you, Chris!

Things have been pretty good while he has been away up until last night. I had to renew my CPR/AED certification and the only class I could take was last night. Since Chris was gone, I had to get a babysitter. This is the first babysitter that Quinn really has had so I was a bit nervous about that. Sidney and Micah really haven't had a babysitter in a very long time either and you never really know how one child in particular will act :)

I was in the middle of giving chest compressions to my child manequin and I felt my phone ring at 8:04 pm. I was getting tested at that point so I couldn't stop my 30 compressions to answer the phone. The phone rang again about 10 minutes later. I was now working on my infant :) I left the room after that and called and could hear Quinn crying in the background. It was his hysterical cry and my heart just sank. I wanted to hold him but I couldn't and was so torn because I had to finish this class. The mom of the babysitter came over to help out and I knew things would be ok but the thought of Quinn being sad was on my mind the rest of the night. There were only 4 of us in the class so we were able to get things done pretty quickly so instead of getting done at 10:00pm, I got out of there about 9:20 PM. (I passed the test without missing anything so I am good for another year)

Today was actually going really well. I had 4 day care kids so it was a busy day. Not the busiest I have ever had but definately lots going on. There was a 5 month old, Quinn who is 9 months, a 16 month old, a 2 year old, Micah, Sidney and a 15 year old who has some special needs.

Sidney started complaining that she didn't feel good during lunch. After lunch, I could tell that her face just went flush and that she was done being the Sidney that I know for the day. She went to lay down in the afternoon and actually asked that I shut off the cartoons so she could go to sleep.

After all the kids left, we had to run to the store to get some food for tomorrow because we were out of milk, along with lots of other things. The best thing about our trip to the store was that someone left a coupon in the baby formula aisle for $10.00 off! That is huge when it comes to baby formula!

On the way home, Sidney said that she felt like something with her mouth but didn't know what the word was but that she has done it before. I said, "puke". She said "yes". About 1 minute later, she threw up all over our car. My fun for the night was done. I have been cleaning for the last 2 hours and Sidney is all clean now (and the car)...and she says she is feeling better. The boys didn't get a bath tonight like I had planned but we will have to take care of that tomorrow. I called Chris just to let him know what I was doing.

Quinn is really starting to move himself around too. He isn't crawling but if he sees something, he somehow manages to get across the room to get it.

Micah decided to change where he is sleeping so he is sleeping on his other side of his bed tonight (his head is usually where his toes go). He was a big helper today and got me diapers and played with all the babies while we had day care today.

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