Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Monday, Monday

I don't really know how that song goes that says, "Monday, Monday. Da da da da da da." This was a good lead into our day yesterday.

We had our usual day, day care kids come around 8:00am in the summer, sometimes earlier but yesterday was 8:00am. We have our routine in the day which is very important. If we get off of our routine it just equals massive craziness.

Sid was invited over to a friends house in the afternoon. The kids were just getting up from their naps so I got the little ones in the strollers and we walked Sid over to her friends house. The rest of the afternoon was fine, just a little quieter since Sid was gone. Micah started doing the pee-pee dance around 4:00PM but insisted that he didn't have to go (remember this part).

I actually had supper ready by 6:00 PM but was waiting for Chris to come back with Sid. He called about 10 after and asked when supper was ready. It was already out of the oven about 10 minutes so I think it was ready. I had to leave for a meeting around 6:45 pm so it was kindof important for them to get home so we could eat as a family. We sat down at the table, Quinn was asleep in the swing and started dishing out the food. I put some on Sid's place and she said, "Ewwww, this smells bad." I am sure you can imagine the face that went along with those words. She then went to her room. We don't talk that way at the table unless you want a consequence. Evidently she had been pretty mean and sarcastic when Chris went to pick her up so this was just a tangent of that I think.

During this little episode, Micah continued to do the pee-pee dance. He then had to go so bad that he was crying and running and screaming for help to get his pants down. At the same time, Quinn started to cry because he woke up and was hungry. All three kids were screaming about something all at the same time. We got Quinn a bottle and then he was fine. Chris went to help Micah. When he got in there, Micah was screaming, "I pooped on the floor! I pooped on the floor." Of course, Chris doesn't like those words put together and handles it about as well as Micah does. Good news, Micah doesn't always put the right words together, especially his potty talk. He calls poops "dropping a deuce". He thinks pee is "poop". I have no idea what he thinks pee is. He is a very confused little boy :) So, he didn't really poop on the floor, he really went tinkle on the floor. Two hours of doing the pee-pee dance will make that happen :)

While Micah was getting cleaned up and Sid was in time out, Chris and I actually ate together with no children...for about 5 minutes.

I went to talk to Sidney about her attitude, came back and Chris was sitting all by himself at the table eating. It was kindof funny. 5 people in the house and everyone is in different places during our supper.

And...Chris thought that he cracked his tooth. I just thought one of his old fillings was coming out. He kept moving the tooth around, touching it and very concerned. Chris told me that if he called me to come home from my meeting it was only because he was in excruciating pain because of his tooth.

All of this happened in about 20 minutes. I finished my food, changed my clothes and told Chris I would see him later :)

Monday, Monday

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Missy Eagen said...

all I can say is YIKES....!!! hope the rest of the week goes better :)